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  1. Muppets TV theme and Rainbow Connection Play Clip
  2. Lilia's Lullaby Play Clip 
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  3. Emotion: Francis Lai
  4. Sleepy Shores Play Clip
  5. Reve De Jeunesse Play Clip 
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  6. Beautiful Dreamer Play Clip
  7. Cinema Paradiso Play Clip
  8. I'll See You In My Dreams Play Clip
  9. The Valachi Papers (Charles Bronson Film)
  10. Riviera Rhapsody Play Clip 
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  11. Sentimental Walk
  12. Dream
  13. Catavina (The Deer Hunter)
  14. Not Going Home Any More (Butch Cassidy)
  15. The Windmills Of Your Mind Play Clip
  16. Bilitis:Lai
  17. Morning Has Broken (Cat Stevens)
  18. Softly Softly
  19. Lullaby In Ragtime (with vocal refrain) Play Clip


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This is a collection of music that I have played in the days and weeks following the birth of our first child. I've played the tunes as much for myself to re-connect with the constancy that music has provided throughout my whole life following this seismic event, as to relax and serenade the two most important people in my life. It was (and still is) a very magical, personal time - when the whole world seems to cease to exist save for the moment in which you find yourself. The uncompromising look of recognition on our child's face has left an indelible mark on my soul. Her existence has changed out lives forever.


Whether you choose to revisit a place in your heart or mind, or your mind's eye - this music is for you. Some of it may be familiar - some less so. Three pieces are brand new to the world - they are my own compositions which may find themselves appreciated as the are - or perhaps woven into filmscapes. Whichever their fate - I offer them (along with 17 other hugely well-known themes) as an insight into the spirit of being which occurs when we are not necessarily in charge of our own destiny or thinking - but give ourselves up to the reverie of imagination and reflection.

At Your Request
At Your Request
Retro Piano Pops
The Entertainer
Velvet Piano
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Velvet Piano Two Lullabies Cruising Cocktails Serenade for Santa Royally Entertained Romantic Rhapsody Sentimental Serenade
Downton Abbey
Purchase Sheet Music Christmas Time is Here Cinema Paradiso Classically Inspired Love Story Titanic Liberace
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