Jon England Reviews










Super Showmanship, and a Natural Entertainer. Holds the audience attention with GREAT poise and piano ability.

-Ed and JoAnne Schultz, Allen, TX

England and Myrtle Beach's loss is Branson's gain. Jon England brings the stage and ivories to life with lively show tunes and old favorites- We're buying airline tickets now to see Jon's new show in Branson.

-Jay Montgomery, Wilmington, NC

A breath of fresh air. His shows are not to be missed.

-Sharon Eldridge, Tuscon, AZ

He's INCREDIBLE on stage - 'makes you feel like you've known him all your life - a really classy entertainer who loves his audience. I have all his CD's and can't wait to get to Branson again.

-Jeanine Robb, Pittsburgh, PA

Jon England is a master of his instrument who magically keeps alive the wonderful legacies of Eddie Duchin and Liberace at the same time as injecting his own unique talent into his performances. Definitely a show not to be missed!

-John Wall, Santa Monica, CA

After seeing Jon on stage, one understands the true meaning of "royally entertained". Kudos to Jon - a wonderful person and a delightful entertainer who always gives an unforgettable performance.

-Susan Abel, Myrtle Beach, SC

Jon puts on a terrific show. He is so talented and very very personable. Loved the show!

-William Stephens, Milwaukee, WI

We took in your show this afternoon in Branson...fantastic! We were blown away with the beautiful music and wish you the best. will definitely spread the word about your superb piano playing!! Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon.

-Jim and Avis Nelson, Branson, MO

Enjoyed your show tremendously. Such a pleasure to hear beautiful classics as well as pop. We like your style.'Best of luck here in Branson.

-Patricia Malcolm, Branson, MO

One week before Jon opened in Branson, we met him through friends. I told him a story about a pianist whose music I have always loved and whose home was near where I grew up. When I mentioned this pianist, Jon knew the song and the piano player played it for me right there and then. This young man's love and passion for what he does and his talent is just simply awesome and I feel privileged to know him and listen to his music. If you can get to Branson, his show is a MUST SEE!

-Jodi Blair. Branson, MO





We have seen the show many times and have always left with a feeling of joy and happiness from the music and Jon's captivating sense of humor and personality.

-John & Bee Johns, Branson, Missouri

Jon England is amazing! Highly entertaining, energetic and full of personality. We thoroughly enjoyed the show. This is a "can't miss" performance!

-Mike and Julie Hynes, Orlando, FL

I attended your show yesterday and enjoyed it very much. I expect to come again soon.

-Alan Ewers, Branson, MO

We've seen his show many times (at the Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach) and each time he amazes us even more. We take all our out-of-town guests to see him and he blows them away too. The way he makes everyone in the audience feel special reminds us of Liberace's personal connection with his fans, and his piano-playing is nothing short of phenomenal. We're coming to Branson JUST to see him ... 'can't get enough :)

-Scotty and Sandra, Murrells Inlet, SC

Jon plays as if he has 12 hands. A piano and orchestra in one. Sheer brilliance.

-Trevor Fry, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gloriously entertaining, such talent, brought back many happy memories. Like shows used to be, packed full of beautifully played music. Coming again next time we visit.

-Tom and Elaine from Virginia

I enjoy watching someone who has complete command of their instrument.

-Kawei King

Jon, your show was Beautiful!!! And so is everything else that you play.......to be really honest,I've never really seen anyone play like you.....your fingers just glide across the piano,I'd be the happiest girl on the planet if I was even half as good as you You're a joy to watch as well as to listen to. Beautiful music.

-Zeena, Tijuana, Mexico

What a GREAT show! It was so exciting to have Jon entertain us for an entire show. His talent as a musician and entertainer shine as he tickles the ivories. Wonderful entertainment for the entire family.Can't wait to see Jon's Christmas show.

-Pam and Jaime, Winston-Salem, NC